About Aqualete

Aqualete Industries was established with a single mission in mind: to provide a safe, economical, and green method for cleaning our water and preserving our environment for generations to come.

MTD before and after treatment water samplesOur vision

Aqualete's investment in protecting the integrity of the aquifer and improving the environment is carried over in the design of our water treatment systems.

We have pioneered the science of accelerated sedimentation using our dual-angle, inclined plate hydrodynamic particle separator. This patent-pending technology is unique to Aqualete Industries and is found in all our stormwater and soil erosion and sediment control systems.

Aqualete Industries is the parent holding company for Storm Drain Technologies and Starr Water Treatment Systems. The corporate headquarters, along with the manufacturing and assembly facilities for Aqualete Industries, are located in Ocean, New Jersey.




Aqualete Industries
3417 Sunset Avenue
Ocean, NJ 07712
P: 732.695.6336